Internet Marketing Teamwork

Today I want to share some thoughts about teamwork. I have learned so much about internet marketing from a few experienced and successful internet marketing leaders.

I have never worked closely with him, though he is one of the Internet Marketers I listen closely to. That is the common situation for the people in Network Marketing; we may never get the opportunity to work closely with the big leaders (or gurus if you like).

If we choose to join them directly we will still never may work directly with them. We have to buy their products or watch their videos and read what they publish online. That is the only way you can learn from them. I understand why this is so. No one would ever manage to work closely with thousands of people.

Therefore, when you choose a business don’t believe a top marketer will help you one to one, even if you join directly below him.

It’s only his or her products that can help you. Find other people to work close to and who also like to learn from the same leaders/coachers. Then build strong teams with the people you work close with. I believe in teamwork, sharing ideas and tips with each other. We are usually not good at everything, so share the work you have to do with each other.

Here is an example on how you can do it. If you have a team of 6 people and 2 are good in writing articles, they can write articles for the other 4 too. Just change them so everyone post different articles. Then you post them in different article directories if you don’t have an automatic program for sending them out.

Moreover, if 2 people in the team are very good in video marketing, they can help the others by showing them different methods for video marketing and how to use the tools.

Discuss what can be better and what is good so everybody can learn. Be honest to one another and tell your team mates what they are good and not so good at, so that they can develop their skills. Sometimes there might be a method that does not work well for one person, but very good for another.

If one person is good in writing ads and maybe e-mail letters for the auto responder, he can do that for the whole group. You will not have the same leads and prospects in your auto responders so you can have the same e-mails.

If you use a system like I do where I have e-mails from the company, you can use them, but in addition to that have one to two broadcasts a week where you share some special things with your leads and prospects. Maybe there are only a few people on the team who like to write e-mails and ads, then share them with each other.

If one person on the team has good technical and computer skills, this person should share this with the other members. If he/she is not good in article writing he/she gets help from someone on the team with that.

If some of the team members live in another part of the world with another language, that can be a strength for those who only speak English. If an Indian talks with an Indian he might trust and understand him better than an American.

Choose a few methods you feel is interesting and fun. Then the results will be so much better than what you’ll get if you criticize yourselves on something that is not properly done. You should however try out things. You never know what you are good at before you try it out. However, if it is something you really don’t like, find another way to work. Get help from your team. You help them and they help you with the methods you are not good at.

If you have a team with people who like teamwork and are willing to share their work and help each other, you get a strength that no one gets if they choose to work alone. They have to do everything themselves. If you are in a team with people helping each other, you will probably work half the normal time and it’s much more fun to share your success with others.

If you don’t have that team yet, join a team in one of the Internet Training and coaching systems. There you will learn how to start and get different marketing methods to choose from so you can start getting leads and prospects and people who want to join you. This way you will get a feeling of working with people, sometimes you will find people you can develop a close relationship with and can work with even if you are not on the same team or in the same company.

Postcard Marketing – When Internet Marketing Starts to Drive You Crazy!

Have you been trying to market your business through the internet lately? How much money are you making?

Internet marketing is a great way to market any business, but if you’re not making money at it, why not consider using a different method of marketing that can actually work for you. I don’t mean another “new” fangled system that we’ve just stumbled upon, but how about a system that has already proven to work for the average person who’s not an internet marketing guru.

I’m speaking of a system that is flexible, effective and can reach the group of people that you actually want to pinpoint without question. I’m talking about good old fashioned postcard marketing.

Now you may laugh… considering that there are so many “modern” ways of marketing today. You might even wonder why an experienced internet marketer would even recommend using postcards to grow a business. Well, to put it in its simplest form… it just plain works! There are thousands of people working from home, making a ton of money using nothing but simple little postcards.

Yes, I do the more popular methods of today, but what I discovered was this. While that was pretty easy for me, it didn’t come as easy for a lot of people that I really wanted to help.

Before I added postcard marketing as my main method of growing my business, I did do a little research. Not to mention, back in the “olden days” I actually got started in this industry using postcards.Funny how we tend to stray away to the “next best thing” when what we had already worked just fine!

Here are some of the reasons that I decided that postcard marketing was the best way to go.

1. In respect to some other systems, post-card mailings are very cost effective. You can spend just a few hundred dollars and reach thousands upon thousands of prospects and clients. Many internet marketers use the popular PPC (pay per click) method of marketing and end up spending tens of thousands of dollars. PPC works great, but there is a learning curve that can be very costly and will take a lot long time to master. And it’s not a method that most people can start out using. Postcards can work for you whether you want to advertise, brand, invite, promote, sell, remind or recruit.

2. Most people will actually read a postcard with simple, good, solid ad copy. Just like you can get a great message across with a good letter, you can use a postcard to direct people to that same letter, saving you tons in mailing costs. And postcards are much better than letters. Not only are they less expensive, but your client or prospect won’t have to take the time to open up a “junk mail” envelope to get the message… which, by the way… usually never even gets read.

3. It’s very easy to put together a postcard campaign. You don’t have to collate, stuff, fold, or lick envelopes. Simply put on a stamp and a label, and you’re good to go. And if you have a really busy schedule, you can even out-source it (have someone else do it for you) for a very reasonable price.

4. You can be very specific as to who you mail your postcards to. You can actually purchase a list of people who will be exactly who you’d like to deliver your message to. This can be done with extreme accuracy when you work with a quality list broker. And I can’t think of any targeted group that you can’t find a list for.

5. Postcard Marketing is so easy to duplicate. One of the biggest problems with some home-based businesses… especially MLM, network marketing and direct sales, people just don’t know how to make it work successfully. Even if you are able to recruit members for your team with an MLM business, 98% of the time, there’s no “easy” system in place for them to duplicate… and when they don’t make money, you don’t make money!

Postcard marketing systems are so easy to duplicate that anyone, with any level of experience can do it. Here are the simple steps to a good postcard marketing campaign.

1. Find a quality mailing list to rent

2. Find a quality printer for your postcards (or make them yourself)

3. Choose a consistent amount of postcards that you will mail weekly (or monthly) and stick with that number without fail. Stamp and mail your postcards.

4. Your client or prospect responds by being directed to a phone number or website

5. You follow up with those who respond

6. THAT’S IT in a nutshell

If you’re building a team for your business, imagine your entire team using this simple method of finding new team members to work with… who will also duplicate this same process. You’ll find that your business will start to grow very quickly because every will know what to do… exactly what to do. Now, doesn’t that sound a lot easier than some of the internet stuff that’s going on out there today?

Now we do understand that any successful system has those important things that you must consider… things like the list, the paper stock, the colors, size, layout and graphics, etc., but when you’re working with a good team that has this proven system already laid out, you won’t ever have to worry about those things.

So here’s what I recommend you do…and with haste.

1. Find a good team that uses a simple postcard marketing system.

2. Get information about the company they promote with the postcards.

3. Plug in with them and watch success start to explode for you!

Rosalind Green is a self-taught internet marketing entrepreneur.

After many years in top management with corporate America, she decided to join the home-based business arena on a part-time base, and soon found that it could surpass what the average person makes in a successful corporate structure. She now coaches and trains others to be successful using the postcard marketing as a main source of building a successful network marketing team.

Powerful Advertising Strategy to Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign: 7 Steps to Success

Breaking into internet marketing requires a lot of effort. It’s kind of like launching the Space Shuttle off of the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. A very high percentage of all the fuel used by the Shuttle is consumed at launch. There is a lot to learn and execute to make it work effectively. It’s definitely worthwhile to participate in an affiliate marketing training course to help you with all of this. After you’ve set up (with on-site optimization techniques), monetized and launched your website, it’s time to start getting noticed on the internet. One highly effective strategy to generate immediate income is to conduct a direct advertising campaign using banner ads.

Of course, SEO and social media marketing, just to name a few, are also critical to your success, but direct advertising can get you off of the launch pad fast and get you earning right away. What I mean by direct advertising is to get your banner ad placed in a top ranking website within your chosen niche. This is a very focused approach.

Here’s what you do:

1- Select keywords from your niche using Google’s free AdWords: External Keyword Tool (Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Micro Niche Finder all work great too).

2- Type in keyword to your search engine.

3- Review each page one website within your selected niche to determine which websites offers ad space.

  • Webmasters might offer ad space on their site and also use AdSense as well. (the strategy I’m outlining does not involve AdSense)

4- Use and to conduct some website research to determine the traffic volume of a potential website you’re considering placing a banner on.

5- Go directly to the website you’re considering to find contact information.

  • Many WordPress sites offer direct ways to contact the webmaster.
  • If contact information is unavailable, go to and type in the domain name. You can usually get webmaster contact information there.

6- Conduct CPM calculations by using information obtained from Quantcast. CPM means cost-per-mille (Latin for a thousand) and in this instance we’re referring to thousand of impression on a website

(also known as page views). CPM numbers vary widely depending on size of your banner, page placement and authority of the website in which you want to place an ad. For example; you want to place

a 125 by 125 size banner that asks a $3 (just to throw out a number) CPM for an “above the fold” display. Let’s say your banner generates 10,000 page views per month, then here’s the formula;

CPM = $3 x 10,000 / 1000 which is $300.

7- With some basic CPM calculations, you can now make an offer to the webmaster via email. The goal is to get the best deal, so negotiating skills are critical.

  • To negotiate the best contract, you could offer to pay annually or quarterly.
  • You should be responsible for the banner you want to place.

Direct advertising can be more cost effective than Pay Per Click and gives you an opportunity to place a larger, graphic and strategically placed banner ad onto a highly targeted website that you selected. It truly has the potential to be a rocket launch for immediate earnings. It will get you going and give your other marketing strategies time to work.