Finding the Right Mentor For Internet Marketing

One of the most important steps to acquiring success on the Internet or in life for that matter, is to have a good mentor. Someone who has been there, done it, and will head you in the right direction. A person that can guide, and keep you on the right path. Put the time and effort into finding the right mentor, is one key to your success.

Find someone that is successful and do what they do. Accountability to that person directly if possible is the best bet. If you can meet with them directly it is always better. If not email or phone them on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. If you’re not really sure who to go to, then you can look up the field in which you are interested, in your search engine. Visit a few sites. Try to find someone locally if possible.

Your field may be something more global or no one around you is available. In that case, you may find some forums for what you are looking to be involved in. Check out several of them. Look for the forum mediators. See what they have to say. There may be somebody there who can help you. It may even be another person who contributes regularly to the forum. Find someone that you can connect with. You want someone that you email even if only through direct messaging in the forum site. You need to find someone that you can build a relationship with. Be honest with them. Tell you that you are just starting out. Let them know that you have noticed them and would like their advice. If they don’t have the time or don’t want to for whatever reason, they may be able to direct you to someone else.

I have heard two different sayings that basically say the same thing. One is “find a successful person and do what they are doing”, the other is “see what everyone else is doing and do the opposite”.

The importance of a good mentor is finding someone who is successful. You don’t just want to follow and get advice from someone just because they have been doing something for a long time. They may have been doing it wrong for a long time. You want to make sure that the person is successful in doing what they are doing. Does it really matter if they have only been doing something- let’s say for a few months, if they are having fantastic result? At the same time you don’t want to follow or be mentored someone who has no track record.

Carefully make a list of what your idea of success is. Write down what you want to accomplish with your business. This should be one of the first things you do. It will aid you in focusing on the right type of people. Look for someone or even a couple of people that complement each other. Such as, one may have a long record of running a certain business but no we experience on the Internet. The other may have never had any background in the particular niche, but, is a great Internet marketer. You have two separate mentors or teachers helping you achieve your one goal. Success.