Internet Marketing and True Leadership

A true leader, what does it mean? I’m on a number of e-mail lists, I bet you are too and a lot of them end with:
“Thank you for your leadership”. So I going to give you my thought on the subject. In the “good old” days, most “leaders” where born to their social status. 200 years ago there where small chances that your life would be any better than your parents. Unlike today, we can access all the information we desire with a click of a mouse. Today we even have millions of examples of people that comes from the lowest social status and become extremely successful.If you took a farmer from 19th century and moved him to our time he would probably die just by the enormous information he was exposed to. But if he should survive, he would go bananas and say: “This is my chance to get me and my family out of poverty”, and he would take MASSIVE ACTION. When the farmer does that he is doing what most people don’t do, LEAD them selves. We want to follow, not lead in most cases. But this is the first and the most important quality of a True Leader, be able to lead them selves. I don’t care if you are CEO of GM, or the paperboy, it all comes down to this. If there is a gap between where you are in your life, and where you want to be, you need to lead your selves to close the gap. And when you do so, you can become an even grater leader, you can lead other to do the same.There are leaders in all classes of society. If you are a mum or a dad, you are an important leader. If you are teacher likewise, if you have a physicals challenge like overweight, you need to lead your selves to take new and some times difficult actions. You can model someone or get a buddy, but you need to do the “Job”.To manage people, is a kind of leadership, but it’s not a lasting one. People will only do what ever necessary as long as you are present at some form (old school leadership). The great majority of leaders are in this category, this is not a criticism, but a state of fact to get YOU to the next level of leadership. Think of an area you would like to improve, it do not have to be anything big, and take one small action right no to improve it NOW.In the Internet marketing Industry, there are millions of people seeking for an opportunity. According to Forbes Magazine, 79,000,000 (million) Americans are planing to start their own business within the next three years. And most of them will do it through Internet marketing, direct sales or network marketing. So the marked is HUGE, but if you want to HAVE long term success you need to show your selves as a leader in several areas. In these days Donald Trump Network is about to launch (I’m not a part of it), and i recognize that it’s not a bad name to associate with your business, but even if Jesus Christ Him selves should appear with a business model, you would still have to show great leadership to have success. It’s just the way we are made (or He made us if you like).It will not be a walk in the park, if you want to be BIG in this industry. So what kind of leader are you? Are you just the manager that tells other what to do, or are you the leader that inspires people to take out their best?If you are a true leader, you get people to break through even when you’re not there because you have the ability influence them long term. You are influencing them because you know what already influences them. Even more, you are able to get the person to tap in to their own resources and lead them selves. A true leader are able to change peoples feelings, emotions and actions long term. And if you are a GREAT leader, you lead people to the better for you, them and the GREATER good to make this world a little better than it was yesterday..”No one is born as a leader, but everyone can become one” THTom Hammerborg