Internet Marketing Teamwork

Today I want to share some thoughts about teamwork. I have learned so much about internet marketing from a few experienced and successful internet marketing leaders.

I have never worked closely with him, though he is one of the Internet Marketers I listen closely to. That is the common situation for the people in Network Marketing; we may never get the opportunity to work closely with the big leaders (or gurus if you like).

If we choose to join them directly we will still never may work directly with them. We have to buy their products or watch their videos and read what they publish online. That is the only way you can learn from them. I understand why this is so. No one would ever manage to work closely with thousands of people.

Therefore, when you choose a business don’t believe a top marketer will help you one to one, even if you join directly below him.

It’s only his or her products that can help you. Find other people to work close to and who also like to learn from the same leaders/coachers. Then build strong teams with the people you work close with. I believe in teamwork, sharing ideas and tips with each other. We are usually not good at everything, so share the work you have to do with each other.

Here is an example on how you can do it. If you have a team of 6 people and 2 are good in writing articles, they can write articles for the other 4 too. Just change them so everyone post different articles. Then you post them in different article directories if you don’t have an automatic program for sending them out.

Moreover, if 2 people in the team are very good in video marketing, they can help the others by showing them different methods for video marketing and how to use the tools.

Discuss what can be better and what is good so everybody can learn. Be honest to one another and tell your team mates what they are good and not so good at, so that they can develop their skills. Sometimes there might be a method that does not work well for one person, but very good for another.

If one person is good in writing ads and maybe e-mail letters for the auto responder, he can do that for the whole group. You will not have the same leads and prospects in your auto responders so you can have the same e-mails.

If you use a system like I do where I have e-mails from the company, you can use them, but in addition to that have one to two broadcasts a week where you share some special things with your leads and prospects. Maybe there are only a few people on the team who like to write e-mails and ads, then share them with each other.

If one person on the team has good technical and computer skills, this person should share this with the other members. If he/she is not good in article writing he/she gets help from someone on the team with that.

If some of the team members live in another part of the world with another language, that can be a strength for those who only speak English. If an Indian talks with an Indian he might trust and understand him better than an American.

Choose a few methods you feel is interesting and fun. Then the results will be so much better than what you’ll get if you criticize yourselves on something that is not properly done. You should however try out things. You never know what you are good at before you try it out. However, if it is something you really don’t like, find another way to work. Get help from your team. You help them and they help you with the methods you are not good at.

If you have a team with people who like teamwork and are willing to share their work and help each other, you get a strength that no one gets if they choose to work alone. They have to do everything themselves. If you are in a team with people helping each other, you will probably work half the normal time and it’s much more fun to share your success with others.

If you don’t have that team yet, join a team in one of the Internet Training and coaching systems. There you will learn how to start and get different marketing methods to choose from so you can start getting leads and prospects and people who want to join you. This way you will get a feeling of working with people, sometimes you will find people you can develop a close relationship with and can work with even if you are not on the same team or in the same company.