Network Marketing

Businesses from HomeSo I guess the first question is why do you want to run a business from home? Well the most common answer for this will be for extra income and for the benefits of being able to start your business alongside your traditional job if you have one. This gives you the path of least resistance in starting a business. For example, if you try to set up a traditional business you have masses of overheads, rent to pay, employees to pay, bills to pay and all this is whilst trying to build a customer base before you can take a penny yourself.It’s for this reason most businesses fail in the first year. A business from home on the other hand can be run in your spare time, requires very little outlay and you generally have very little if any overheads.This makes a home business very easy to set up. It’s a great way to secure an income before setting out on your own, meaning you have some income already coming your way easing that burden in the initial phases of self employment. The most important thing for me and what made me decide to travel this road was the free time it buys you to spend with your family and on your hobbies. If you set your business up right and put the effort in early it could virtually run itself. Meaning you are free to pursue other interests whilst earning what we call a residual income. That’s an income that continues to be paid for life.So what business should I do from home?Network Marketing – Below is the Wikipedia definition of Network Marketing:Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing, direct selling, and referral marketing,) is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.Is Network Marketing a good choice? Well it’s a fantastically easy business to set up and for me the real beauty is the way it is structured. The person who introduces you can only be successful if you are, so they have a vested interest in making sure you succeed.This means that the support and help you receive whilst getting your business going is second to none. Unlike a traditional business model where you learn by trial and error and those errors usually being costly, with Network Marketing you learn by someone else’s mistakes so you are free to build that residual income we talked about earlier.With this in mind the one thing I would say to people about Network Marketing is it is not a get rich quick scheme, it should be looked at as a 3-5 year plan. Don’t get me wrong you will earn money usually from the outset but to make a real level of Residual Income will take approximately this long depending on your level of commitment and success. In my opinion sure beats working 40 years for a crummy gold watch (if your lucky!)Internet Marketing – Why Internet Marketing? Well in much the same way as Network Marketing it has very low cost set up fees, no overheads and you can get started with a bit of imagination and a desire to learn.Other schemes are actual jobs like envelope stuffing at home etc and these can be a valuable alternative but bear in mind they do not pay very well so depending on your income need these may bot be the right focus for you!