Reach New Customers With Direct Mail

According to a recent survey, 77% of consumers who were not already customers were driven online to complete online credit applications by direct mail advertisements. Credit card companies have massive marketing budgets and could focus all of their energies on T.V. and radio advertisements. However, they have discovered that relentless direct mail marketing is the most effective strategy for reaching new customers.

Credit card companies know that direct mail gives them the ability to reach a very specific demographic of the population at minimum price. For example, credit card companies know that a college student is very likely to act upon an offer for a credit card. As soon as a student graduates high school, that student starts receiving direct mail credit card offers. And usually, within months most students have acted upon those offers.

So how does the process work for a smaller business. Lets say that you sell red golf widgets:

Step One: Determine who purchases red golf widgets

Your red golf widgets are expensive and your customers are typically men between the ages of 30 and 45. You also know that most of your customers have an annual salary greater than $75,000 per year.

Step Two: Determine where your customers are located

You know that your customers probably live in houses with values greater than $190,000. You also know that if you canvas a neighborhood that is located on a golf course, you are going to have a greater chance of reaching customers who play golf.

Step Three: Determine how many mailings

How many direct mail pieces are you going to send out and when? When selling a more expensive item or service, the amount of time it takes to complete a sale increases. This means, that a customer is less likely to respond the first time they see an advertisement. The most effective strategy for red golf widgets is to send out direct mail pieces to a smaller geographic region five times. Some companies may decide to send out one mailer to a larger audience. However, the more times a customer sees a business advertisement, the more likely they are to try the product or service.

Step Four: Design and Printing

Its time to develop your fliers and have them printed. Most printing houses have in house designers that can assist you in designing your mailing piece for your target audience. After the design, the print shop will print the mail pieces. If you are unsure of where a good print shop is located, you can contact Better Letter for a referral to a print shop the Better Letter team has worked with in your area.

Step Five: Mailing Your Direct Mail Campaign

After having your mailing piece printed, the next step is to have your mailing handled by a mailing house. A mailing house handles the addressing and sending of the actual mail pieces. By having just one address, the mailing house can send the mailer to the surrounding area. Simply give the mail house an address of one of your customers located on the golf course and the mail house will take care of the rest.

Postage is expensive these days. And if you were to send out direct mail at full price, the cost would be astronomical. This is where Better Letter comes into play. Due to the volume of Better Letter’s mailings, Better Letter gets extremely discounted mailing rates.