Value Driven Marketing For Magnetically Attracting Elite Leaders Into Your Home Based Franchise

Value Driven Marketing – The Only Way to Attract Leaders into Your Home Based Franchise

There’s been an ongoing battle online from those trying to figure out exactly HOW TO market their home based franchise.

Constant spamming, in-your-face marketing, and unwanted solicitation has led industry giants to make drastic changes to their terms of operation, only to give those that truly understand value driven marketing a harder time to give their value to those seeking online.

As with any marketing campaign, we MUST understand the need of our target audience and provide them ONLY with value and not force them into investing into something without having full understanding.

Being a home based franchise entrepreneur has opened my eyes to the REAL wants of individuals. The facts that drive someone to purchase or acquire what YOU are promoting WITHOUT you having to force it upon them is what true Value Driven Marketing will provide for anyone.

Now let’s go through some simple techniques YOU can use to begin implementing value driven marketing into your portfolio.

What Will Define Your Value Driven Marketing

There are many ways for a business owner to apply value driven marketing to their marketing efforts, but only a few that actually give the results you will need to become successful.

Freely, I’d like to give you a specific strategy to use RIGHT NOW to begin implementing a marketing campaign that will allow you to become a valuable resource to your specific target audience within your home based franchise. Begin with:

1. Any content you create MUST have exceptional value – As you are choosing your steps towards creating unique content to attract your target audience, remember that ALL of your efforts should have exceptional value. The more value you offer FREELY, the more return on investment you will receive towards driving up your profit margin.

2. To increase your income, you MUST increase your personal value to the world – Being seen as an authority online is the ONLY way of achieving success in ANY business. An increase in income from your online marketing efforts is a direct result of your value to the business world.

How to Begin Applying Value Driven Marketing

There are four basic steps to increase your personal value BEFORE you begin to apply value driven marketing. These four basic steps are:

· Learn (scholastic) – Begin to increase your knowledge and begin to increase your value. It is well know that those that ARE successful have an enormous knowledge database (fancy word for library) by which they have acquired the skills necessary to be considered for leadership.

· Apply (experimental) – Begin to apply the knowledge you are acquiring and experiment with what specific skill has given you the greatest results. Then begin to master this specific skill in order to become a true asset in value driven marketing.

· Teach – Immediately apply what you have acquired by GIVING AWAY this knowledge freely to those seeking it. Be considerate to those looking for answers regarding your specific product or service and give as much information as possible. This will prove to your target audience your level of commitment to them and also their level of satisfaction.

· Rinse and Repeat – There’s really no explanation for this step. It’s all about repeating this very process over and over until you are seen by no less than an elite leader in your industry.

The information I just shared with you came directly from one of my business partners and top earning industry leaders who openly shared this information with not just me but several others in our recent home based franchise Master Marketing events.

To receive the highest level of value marketing training and to further increase your specific value to the online community, be sure to register for my e-mail updates regarding an opportunity to get not only my but also my personal coach’s training in becoming a 3% leader in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

Internet Marketing and True Leadership

A true leader, what does it mean? I’m on a number of e-mail lists, I bet you are too and a lot of them end with:
“Thank you for your leadership”. So I going to give you my thought on the subject. In the “good old” days, most “leaders” where born to their social status. 200 years ago there where small chances that your life would be any better than your parents. Unlike today, we can access all the information we desire with a click of a mouse. Today we even have millions of examples of people that comes from the lowest social status and become extremely successful.If you took a farmer from 19th century and moved him to our time he would probably die just by the enormous information he was exposed to. But if he should survive, he would go bananas and say: “This is my chance to get me and my family out of poverty”, and he would take MASSIVE ACTION. When the farmer does that he is doing what most people don’t do, LEAD them selves. We want to follow, not lead in most cases. But this is the first and the most important quality of a True Leader, be able to lead them selves. I don’t care if you are CEO of GM, or the paperboy, it all comes down to this. If there is a gap between where you are in your life, and where you want to be, you need to lead your selves to close the gap. And when you do so, you can become an even grater leader, you can lead other to do the same.There are leaders in all classes of society. If you are a mum or a dad, you are an important leader. If you are teacher likewise, if you have a physicals challenge like overweight, you need to lead your selves to take new and some times difficult actions. You can model someone or get a buddy, but you need to do the “Job”.To manage people, is a kind of leadership, but it’s not a lasting one. People will only do what ever necessary as long as you are present at some form (old school leadership). The great majority of leaders are in this category, this is not a criticism, but a state of fact to get YOU to the next level of leadership. Think of an area you would like to improve, it do not have to be anything big, and take one small action right no to improve it NOW.In the Internet marketing Industry, there are millions of people seeking for an opportunity. According to Forbes Magazine, 79,000,000 (million) Americans are planing to start their own business within the next three years. And most of them will do it through Internet marketing, direct sales or network marketing. So the marked is HUGE, but if you want to HAVE long term success you need to show your selves as a leader in several areas. In these days Donald Trump Network is about to launch (I’m not a part of it), and i recognize that it’s not a bad name to associate with your business, but even if Jesus Christ Him selves should appear with a business model, you would still have to show great leadership to have success. It’s just the way we are made (or He made us if you like).It will not be a walk in the park, if you want to be BIG in this industry. So what kind of leader are you? Are you just the manager that tells other what to do, or are you the leader that inspires people to take out their best?If you are a true leader, you get people to break through even when you’re not there because you have the ability influence them long term. You are influencing them because you know what already influences them. Even more, you are able to get the person to tap in to their own resources and lead them selves. A true leader are able to change peoples feelings, emotions and actions long term. And if you are a GREAT leader, you lead people to the better for you, them and the GREATER good to make this world a little better than it was yesterday..”No one is born as a leader, but everyone can become one” THTom Hammerborg

Crush it With Facebook Marketing

Just Yesterday I attended a fantastic live webinar my friend Jonathan Budd put together with some of the hottest tips for marketing on Facebook that will blow your mind. If you are going to play on Facebook why not monetize some of your time spent on it. Below are some of my notes from the webinar and if you are interested in seeing more, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Facebook currently has 400 million active users.

It is the fastest growing advertising platform and is fast becoming the new Google as far as online marketing. It is an absolute playground that is producing an endless watering hole of leads for any business. Are you in this game?

Do not cash in all your chips on Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Diversify your marketing strategies. If you want to put your message where the people are, Facebook is golden.

The difference between Facebook and Google PPC Marketing.

Question; What is the purpose of a search engine? To find your son a baseball glove, movie show times, cell phone reviews, etc., etc., right? At its core, it is a tool to solve the users problem or issue. This is where Facebook is completely different and the beauty of its contrast is the key to massive success with your internet marketing on this platform.

Facebook is a place for establishing identity and sharing interests. It’s where we share our likes and dislikes and even specify in detail what those things are by joining groups, being a ‘fan’ and posting content of interest.

No one on Facebook is entering keywords for problem solving, so the key to marketing on Facebook is marketing to its user’s interests, their emotional plane and their needs directly, rather than a problem. This is definitely a mindset change from Google marketing.

The beauty of creating ads on Facebook is the amount of usable data it has on the interests of 400 million users. Mixing and matching to define the right demographic for your ad is the pathway to massive success on this platform and you can literally be ready to test in 5 minutes.

Here are some of the awesome targeting features you have at your fingertips with Facebook ads:

Facebook uses IP addresses and location info from user profiles.
You can target very specific demographics for any type of person or use exclusionary tactics. When you enter your keywords, Facebook gives you a drop-down menu containing TONS of related keywords that it auto-pulls from its data of user profiles.
“Likes and Interests” are tightly integrated with information from user profiles, from occupation, Facebook Groups and Pages they are connected or affiliated with and more.
How about targeting people at various education levels? You can do this as well.
Enter Fan Pages and Groups of high profile players in your niche markets and target their friends.
However, before you get started with marketing on Facebook…

You’ve got to have your game plan in place before you begin. You must have solid sales and autoresponder campaigns ready to go.

Then it’s time to test your ads and you want to test a lot of them because Facebook lowers your cost per click if you have a high Click-Through Rate. That means cheaper leads.

Get your landing pages ready to go and make sure it really flows with your ad. Make them visually compatible, congruency is key. For example; a company letterhead design that matches the card stock or design of the company business card. You want to see visual compatibility.

This was just the tip of the iceberg from this 2 hour FREE Facebook Marketing Training from Jonathan. Read more about this webinar on my blog. The direct link is below.