Network Marketing – My Search For the Perfect Product to Market

Over the last six to seven years I had begun to pick up that there were people out there making a living off the internet. This interested me with my IT background. Now in South Africa there weren’t too many people around that knew anything about this – a lot of our telephone exchanges didn’t even support DSL! So any web surfing had to be done with a 56K modem which seldom had a data transfer rate faster than 33K, very time consuming and very frustrating.

There was however, an entrepreneur by the name of Peter Carruthers, who also had an IT background. When I first met him he was holding seminars called “How to Crashproof Your Business!” which taught one how to protect yourself from the banks and creditors should your business fail! Peter knew a lot about this, having been down that road, and as they say, “got the T-shirt”. I also subscribed to his newsletter, it was in this newsletter that he talked about Corey Rudl who was probably one of the first internet marketing guru’s, and very successful at it to. Peter had applied what Corey taught to his own business and raved about how it had changed it for the better. I also bought Corey’s guide to Internet Marketing, at first it just sat in it’s box while I attempted other more practical things (or so I thought) to generate an income. I mean whenever you talked about making a living off the internet people looked at you as though you were living in cloud cuckoo land!

The important thing about doing business on the internet is that it is GLOBAL!

What Corey taught was that to make a living off the internet one had to find out what people were interested in and what they were searching for on the internet and cater to that market. One quickly discovered that people are interested in the following; golf, sex, weightloss, weightloss, weightloss, motivation, dating, dog behaviour problems, learn to play guitar, travel, make money online and making money from home! There are other subjects as well, but these seem to be the most popular.

And so I continued trying to make a living doing more practicle things whilst all the while wondering what I could focus on doing on the internet. Then one day I was handed a flyer at a intersection which said “if I wanted to start my own home based business to call this number”, this was one of those light-bulb moments for me. One of the topics that people were interested in on the internet was how to make money from home, maybe I could combine this with the internet – and so I called the number. And that was my introduction to network marketing aka multi-level marketing (MLM) aka referral marketing and recently I came across yet another term, social-level marketing. I have no doubt that there are many more terms referring to this type of marketing.

What is Network Marketing?……

Lets start with a definition. The DSA’s (Direct Selling Association) definition is, I quote, “Companies that manufacture and distribute goods or services through Direct Sellers also referred to as distributors, consultants, sales agents, independent contractors and by other various names, directly to consumers in a face to face manner away from a fixed retail location” end quote. AMWAY Copyright© 2009 introduced the concept some 60 plus years ago.

The goods distributed vary from household detergents through to nutrient supplements (very popular at the moment – everyone is into the “wellness industry”). Services cover legal aid/advice, also very popular is insurance; covering anything from funeral policies to cash back hospital plans.

My goal was to do this via the internet, and this meant I had to find a product that was global by nature – you can sell legal aid or a funeral policy that is dictated by the laws of one country in another, you can sell household detergents, vitamin supplements etc. in different countries but you now have a transport component (ie you have to get the product there) so my search began for the perfect product.

Direct Marketing Companies Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A vast amount of businesses all over the world are now finding the success that they seek through the help of direct marketing companies. There are a lot of reasons why these companies have been increasing in popularity, but perhaps the biggest reason why is the fact that this type of marketing is actually very cost effective.

If you were to ask any successful business owner, they would tell you that you will absolutely not be able to find any success unless you can manage to get a significant amount of paying customers. For this reason, it becomes extremely important that you find a way to make your business known to all of the right type of people. This is where you will have to really take the time to make sure that you have thoroughly researched who your target market is and what people you will be trying to reach. Of course you are going to want to find as many leads as possible, but the point is to find the right leads. This means that you do not want to waste your time on any leads that are not going to present the possibility of transforming into paying customers. The best way to go about doing this is to really think about what people are really going to have the most interest in what you are offering. Once you have determined this, you can begin to direct all of your marketing efforts towards these people directly.

This is when it becomes really useful to enlist the help of the specialized direct marketing companies. These are the people that are going to be able to tell you exactly how to go about reaching your target market in the most personal and direct way possible. There are many different methods that you may choose to use, such as the telephone, direct mail or even the internet. There is really no limit to your options.

In order for your growing business to truly find success, you are going to need to have a highly targeted and effective advertising campaign. The great thing about these specialized companies is that they really do want to see you succeed, and they know just the best ways to help you make your goals a reality. No matter what level of success you are reaching for, you can get there through direct marketing.

It really helps when you have the help of a company that has enough experience to know and understand which methods are going to be the most effective for you. It then becomes so much easier for you to strategize and create the perfect marketing strategy for your business. You want a company that knows exactly what they are doing so that everything will get done in the most efficient manner possible. We all know that time is money when it comes to business! If you are truly seeking to increase your profits effectively, the best thing that you can do for your business is to get in touch with one of the professional direct marketing companies.

Marry Your Marketing Plan

Make a vow to keep up your marketing schedule in good times and not so good times.

I have said it time and time again that marketing, no matter what type you choose, is a building process. Here is the whole thing summed up in one situation:

Assume for a moment that you had never heard of this thing called “Cola”. You go to your mailbox and get your mail only to find a postcard that says “New Fizzy Drink! You’ll Love It! A Taste Like Nothing You Have Had Before!” You might run right out and try it, but more than likely, not. Most people won’t.

So you get a second postcard.

Still you do nothing.

Then you are talking to you’re a friend from across town who says “Hey, have you tried this Cola thing?” It turns out that after he got his second postcard he went out and got a bottle to give it a try.

Now the Third postcard shows up and you’re thinking “OK, fine, I’ll give it a try.” And you do, and you do love it, and it is like nothing else. So now you have to tell your brother about it.

You see where this is going. If the makers of “Cola”, whoever they are, had sent cards to the whole town one time and then abandoned the marketing due to a lack of response they would have missed out.

So, now that you can no longer argue with the fact that you need to keep up a steady stream of marketing to the same people multiple times you are obviously thinking “How do I keep up with the whole thing while I am closing the customers that I am already getting?” The honest answer is get a direct mail company to help you.

Whatever size your mailing list is I suggest that you have enough pieces printed to mail to them at least three times. Usually once every 2-4 weeks is sufficient depending on your industry. You can set the dates for your mailings to go out and let the marketing company take care of the rest. That means that with one phone call you can take care of all of your marketing for 3 months or more. No worrying about remembering, no hassle-filled trips to the post office. All you will have to do is run your business the way that you know how and let them take care of your marketing.

Stop worrying about the steady flow of business that you need to survive. Do something about it. Create a marketing plan, date it for a while, then if it really works out, say “I do.”

If you need more information on testing out your new marketing beau, read my article Don’t Assume, Just Test and Track.

Best wishes and a prosperous life together!